Guess Who’s Coming to Worship

Archie: Guess who’s coming this Sunday?

Laura: Who?

Archie: You won’t believe it.

Laura: Try me.

Archie: I talked to him Friday at the Battle for the Cure Benefit.

Laura: Who?

Archie: The guy who’s visiting our church!

Laura: What’s his name?

Archie: Jacob Levi!

Laura: Jacob Levi?

Archie: The mail-order mogul! The inventor of the Salad Slicer that also makes french fries!

Laura: Incredible! I didn’t know he’s religious. He’s coming to our church?

Archie: This could turn things around for us. He’s a real mover and shaker. If he tithed on his interest, we could pay off the family life building in a few months.

Pat: What’s all the excitement?

Archie: Jacob Levi, the Salad Slicer inventor, is

visiting our church!

Pat: No way!

Archie: Yes! He could drive up any moment.

Pat: That’s unbelievable.

Archie: Believe it.

Laura: Hey, there he is! He’s early. Do we have all the bases covered?

Archie: Yep, we should be fine. Two guys are waiting in the lobby to greet him. The pastor

is saving a seat for him on the pew next to Dr. Thurston Brice.

Pat: Great. Doctors always impress people.

Archie: We have children’s church this week, so there’s no danger of distractions.

Pat: Exactly.

Archie: The choir is singing that impressive special they sang in November.

Pat: Super! That’s perfect.

Laura: The youth minister is still recovering from breaking his leg at Friday night’s lock in, so there won’t be any surprise announcements.

Archie: God must be in this for all these pieces to fall into place.

Laura: But what about Jesus?

Pat: Oh…

Archie: Hmmm…

Pat: I don’t know.

Archie: This scares me a little. Jesus…(looking around) Where is He?

Laura: I thought I saw Him in the bathroom unstopping a toilet.

Pat: Do you think He went home?

Laura: No. Jesus never misses a thing. He’s practically omnipresent.

Archie: This kind of thing drives me crazy: what to do with Jesus.

Laura: Maybe we can ask Him to sit in the balcony.

Pat: He’d be almost invisible.

Archie: Or, we could ask Him to go home, pray for us, and come back for Sunday night


(Elmer walks up.)

Elmer: Hey! What’s up?

Laura: We are worried about Jesus. Is He planning to be in worship?

Elmer: Nope, He’s doing extended session in the nursery.

All: Perfect.

Reader 1: If Jesus were here,

Reader 2: where would He be found?

Reader 1: Would He be impressed with our

carpet, buildings, and plans?

Reader 2: If Christ listened to our conversations

and motivations—

Reader 1: what if He heard our thoughts?

Reader 2: He is here this morning.

Reader 1: He came to our worship.

Reader 2: Where will He be seated?

Reader 1: What will we do with this One

called King. He’s here.

Reader 2: He’s listening.

Reader 1: He’s watching.

Reader 2: His arms are open wide.

Reader 1: Will we play church or recognize


Reader 2: The King of kings.

Reader 1: The Prince of peace.

Reader 2: The Lover of us all.

Both: What shall we do with the Lord this morning?