The Art of Pondering

“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19b

Advent is to ponder.

If you don’t take time to turn everything off and ponder sometime this week, you are left with all that is temporal, ordinary and fleeting about Christmas.

Stop and ponder.

Luke tells us in his gospel that Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. What happens when you catch a glimpse of God’s glory? You treasure it. She could have griped about the travel arrangements, the lack of planning, the constant need to improvise. But Mary, in a barn full of visiting animals, horses, mules, stray dogs, camels, splinters, hay, horse manure, kept all these things treasured in her heart. 

That night she had to contend with Joseph’s snoring. And those shepherds, loudly recounting angelic visitations. They probably woke the Baby several times that night. But, just before dawn, with all asleep, except Mary and a mule, she gathered from the hope chest of the near past a tapestry of memories —

The beautiful colors of Gabriel’s clothes,
The look on the face of Elizabeth when she turned and saw Mary,
The clamor of packing for the dreaded tax appointment,
“No Vacancy” signs,
The nervous, frustrated father,
The incarnate kicks,
The looming grief,
The tiny hands that would pierce her heart.

She wept and smiled. She experienced an orchestra of emotions in concert with the breeze that swept through the Bethlehem hills like a Spirit newly released.

And Mary pondered. 

Will you join her tonight?

16 Things I Believe About Prayer and Meditation

  • We wait on Him, but O how often He must wait on us!
  • Train your mind to believe supernaturally and life will burst forth in faith that is both mysterious and definitive
  • God is big enough to handle your gigantic doubts
  • Dash your envy against the rock and there you will find peace in Your brokenness
  • I am often too fearful to pray because of the monster of disappointment. But all fears subside with the words- Our Father
  • How will we step into holiness without entering the closet?
  • Each believer will find her voice in prayer different than her friends… just as different as her fingerprints.
  • When we meditate on God intention and distraction are muted by perspective
  • Prayerfulness is awareness of the presence of the Creator.
  • Often in my prayer life I perceive that God is waiting for me to stop talking so He can speak.
  • Meditating on God is a settling of the daily internal conflict that is insidious in modern life.
  • He remains hidden from the arrogance of human ideology and cultural doctrine
  • We can never speak wholly of God for none of us know him wholly. There’s always something new. Little of it will fit on your bumper
  • Seeking God is not knowing about God. It is knowing Him. It’s personal not merely theological.
  • Meditation on The Father is not merely an intellectual pursuit
  • In spiritual midnights you can find true intimacy with God if you let go.