Belly of the Beast:  A poem related to adversity and pain.  This works great in a sermon on Jonah, Daniel or numerous other stories about adversity.

Bitterness:  A spoken word poems that works well in a sermon of worship service to identify the roots of bitterness.

Don’t You Worry Mary: A Christmas poem to Mary

Far Beyond Imagination: A poem on worship which is great for sermon, worship segues and call to worship.

Grace and Recompense A poem about passion, grace, and salvation.

 God in the Storm:  A spoken word poem that could be a dismount on a sermon on adversity or pain.

He Came to Me  A reading on brokenness.

I am Clay:  A spoken word piece on the Potter and Clay

I Keep Seeing You

I Run to You:  A simple worship poem on our dependance upon God

Interrupter, The: A Poem that works as a sermon dismount for The Healing of the Paralytic

I Never Wanted That A poem from the perspective of God, speaking of all the things we give that He doesn’t really want.

I Wrestle

Life is a Scattered Feast:  Worship in the midst of gritty life.

Letting God Out of the Box A spoken word poem that works well in a sermon on grace and the state of the Church.

Natchez Trace A reflection on the drive

O God have Mercy: A prayer for mercy

O Sun!:  A spoken word / poem about the cosmos and God’s hand seen through it all.

 Paint on the Wall: A spoken word piece about petty church debates and Christ’s heart for the world.

The Ragged Stranger:  In the form of “Paint on the Wall,” this poem reveals Jesus in disguise.

Save Me:  A prayer in poetry that calls on God to save us from the things that steal our joy.

This is Man: A celebration of man in God’s Image.

The Struggle of Flesh:  A spoken word sermon tool on flesh and the struggle it incites.

The Stuff that Warriors Dream: A Poem of life and warfare

Song of Everything:  An epic celebration of life from first to last.

What Happened Here:  A poem of spiritual growth and memories

What is Church?  Discover the real church, challenge your congregation to be radical.

Who Touched Me