He speaks

There is no place you can be that I cant find you. I am the Master of the landscape, and I know your location. So dont spend your time searching for hideouts and closets. You can never be so enslaved that My love cant set you free. I break through iron, and I demolish the chains. I am greater than the chains, the whips, and the pain. I am ready to set you free. Just fix your eyes on Me and not your captors. You may be making history through personal glory or failure, but never forget that I will have the last word. You think you know Me? Take your present knowledge of who I am and then enhance it dramatically and that will be a start. I am greater than anything you ask or imagine or dream or think. Asking a human to describe My power is like asking a cow to do algebra. Just wait with expectation. Unlike you, nothing catches Me by surprise. I saw everythingI speak of your future before you have experienced it. You can believe Me and trust that I don’t wring My hands every time you mess up. You are human. Just keep chasing after Me and loving Me passionately. I will cover you. You think Im not involved sometimes when things arent perfect. But I am there. I am in the furnace with you, and neither one of us should fear the flame. You shouldnt because I created everything, and My plan is greater than all this. Fix your eyes, your voice your everything upon My existence, and Ill see you at the house. Be Mine.