The Gathering


  • Female, Young Marred Adult
  • Male, Married
  • Teen
  • Adult (Male or Female)


1: Here we are again.

2: Singing

3: Praying

4: Listening

1: I wish my thoughts could slow down.

2: I’m wondering…

4: I’m wondering if I’m going to have enough money to pay all the debt.

3: I’m wondering if my marriage will survive.

1: Will he ever understand me and love me for who I am?

2: Will my son ever come home?

3: Why do I feel-

All: So alone.

4: Can I really trust her again?

2: Is this something I do just to keep up appearances?

1: I wonder if God will speak to me?

3: Will I recognize His voice?

4: Will He push me out of my comfort zone?

1: I wonder if my marriage can be saved?

3: Will my parents ever accept me as I am?

2: Will our secrets be exposed?

3: God do you hear us?

4: Do you really accept us?

2: Are we who we need to be as couples?

3: As friends?

4: As a community?

2: As a church?

All:   Lord, transform us.

1: Revive us.

2: Refresh us.

4: Restore us.

All: Amen.