16 Things I Believe About Prayer and Meditation

  • We wait on Him, but O how often He must wait on us!
  • Train your mind to believe supernaturally and life will burst forth in faith that is both mysterious and definitive
  • God is big enough to handle your gigantic doubts
  • Dash your envy against the rock and there you will find peace in Your brokenness
  • I am often too fearful to pray because of the monster of disappointment. But all fears subside with the words- Our Father
  • How will we step into holiness without entering the closet?
  • Each believer will find her voice in prayer different than her friends… just as different as her fingerprints.
  • When we meditate on God intention and distraction are muted by perspective
  • Prayerfulness is awareness of the presence of the Creator.
  • Often in my prayer life I perceive that God is waiting for me to stop talking so He can speak.
  • Meditating on God is a settling of the daily internal conflict that is insidious in modern life.
  • He remains hidden from the arrogance of human ideology and cultural doctrine
  • We can never speak wholly of God for none of us know him wholly. There’s always something new. Little of it will fit on your bumper
  • Seeking God is not knowing about God. It is knowing Him. It’s personal not merely theological.
  • Meditation on The Father is not merely an intellectual pursuit
  • In spiritual midnights you can find true intimacy with God if you let go.

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