A Diagnosis for Every Human Being

I’ve been looking over your files and I think I’ve narrowed down the diagnosis for your condition. You are uniquely you and that’s why you’ve been acting the way you have. I don’t think this condition will change. You’ll probably be you the rest of your life. You’ll continue struggling with this condition. Some days will be great. Others will not be good. Some days, in fact, will be agony. You’ll be especially susceptible to life. Your condition will continue to cause you pain. I know you’ve tried to shake this condition. You’ve tried in the past to be somebody else and that didn’t work. Discontinue this. It will never work.

The best thing you can do is to face up to your condition and stop trying to stop other people from being them. Especially the people you live with.

Besides that, since God has already decided to heal “you,” “you” must not be “someone else.” Otherwise “you” will be hopelessly unredeemable. You must come just as “you” are.

The bad news is that life (with “you”) will continue to be dangerous, painful, and filled with risk and failure.

The good news is that by accepting this diagnosis, life will be real and God will be the Powerful Redeemer you dreamed He would be.

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