Communion Meditation

The bread of brokenness

The wine of grace

The fellowship of His sufferings

Our hearts long for communion with the One whose glory overshadows every joy, ever fear, every act of contrition and amazement.

The broken bread

The red blood washing away cleansing, rectifying, forgiving, renewing, like rivers of hope

Flooding the arid field of our helplessness

Wash us Jesus

As we move into the about-face of repentance.

We’ve seen a glimpse of your majesty

We’ve experienced your fellowship in the furnace of suffering

And in the bliss of worship

Sometimes momentary, ephemeral

But we want so much more

So Lord Jesus

Son of God,

architect of infinity

Ageless wonder of mercy

Loose your power among us.

Devour us in love

Until we are lost in you.

So lost we can’t even find our identity outside of you!

As we approach these elements the bread and the cup.

We are saying yes to You.

Yes to everything about You

Yes to your holy purpose

Yes to your Spirit

You to the pain it may bring

Yes to the cross

Yes to the consuming fire- the eyes of love

Yes to all that will bring us into your courts of praise

We say yes to the bread and the wine

Which is bigger, wider, stronger, deeper, louder, and longer than anything this broken world could offer.

We want so much more.

As we call for more of you- we hear you calling for more of us.

And such is the element of communion


May we waste our lives in a reckless pursuit of You


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