Emails from Andrew

Part 1 

This script is a series that can be used over three Sundays. On the last Sunday (Easter Sunday), use the final email voice-over. The actor simply sits at the computer and types. On the Easter Sunday Email, the actor playing Andrew is typing as the lights come up. Contemporary or biblical costuming—take your pick!

Pastor: Imagine Jesus alive in today’s society. Imagine opening your email and finding a message from Andrew. The disciple Andrew . . .

(A man sits at his computer and types as a recorded voice reads the words.)

Voice: Friday, April 2, 0033
To: Disciples Mail Group

Many of you aren’t aware of what happened this afternoon. Jesus died by crucifixion. (I know that many might not have even been aware of Jesus’ arrest, and I apologize for not going into all the details of the past few horrific days—the worst days of our lives.) Joseph of Aramathea received a release from Pilate for the body of Jesus. He is to be buried in a new tomb tonight. Nicodemus has been a great help in preparation for the burial. There will be no formal memorial service due to the fear that we all are experiencing. The past few days have been very difficult . . . difficult beyond compare. Pray for Mary, Jesus’ mother. She is in despair. And also Peter, who is experiencing a great amount of self doubt. At this point, no one knows where Peter is, and we fear that he might harm himself. You may have heard rumors that Judas conspired to bring Jesus under arrest. It’s true. He committed suicide early this morning. Feel free to forward this news to any followers of Jesus, and let’s stick together prayerfully and begin to try to put the pieces of our lives back together. I’m in the process of trying to get everyone together to pray and to discuss these difficult matters.

Your friend, Andrew


Emails from Beyond 
Part 2 
Saturday, April 3, 0033
To: Disciples Mail Group

Just wanted to update everyone, despite the fact that it is dangerous to put something through the Net while the Romans, Pharisees, Sadducees, and others might intercept this message. (I know that many of your service providers are administrated by the Roman government and the religious hierarchy.)

As mentioned in my last note, Jesus died sometime around 4 p.m. yesterday outside the gates of Jerusalem on a hill called “the Place of the Skull.”

Simon Peter was located last night in Gethsemane. He was delirious and very depressed. He feels like his whole life has been a failure. Please keep him in your prayers. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was ministered to by John and Mary Magdalene. Most of Jesus’ followers are unsure of what they will do in the future. I would imagine that if the government allows us to remain free, we’ll return to our former trades. All disciples are accounted for, and we are planning to meet and pray tonight. We all have been touched greatly by Jesus, and the loss is severe. Let me remind all of you that He would not have us revolt or compromise ourselves in an emotional reaction. As a memorial to His life, let us remember how He lived and died.


P.S. Please feel free to forward this note to other believers.


Emails from Beyond
Part 3
Sunday, April 4,0033
To: Disciples Mail Group


I planned on writing you this letter before dawn, but things have been a little crazy around here. Mary went to the tomb, and now she’s in some sort of hysterical bliss about having seen . . . (Andrew faints and Peter pushes him out of the way and types.)

This is Peter. Andrew just fainted and his head fell on the keyboard because I just walked into the room with the Risen, Glorified, Conquering, Living Savior—Jesus Christ. Forward this news to everyone!!!

Simon Peter

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