Employee or Family Member

To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. Galatians 4:5

There’s a huge difference between employees in a demanding organization and a loving home of grace. And yet so often I confuse the two when I thinkof the Christian communitity. We often are intimidated by our sentences that end with the word “enough.”

  • Not good enough
  • Not strong enough
  • Not smart enough
  • Not pure enough.
  • Not _______ enough….

Insufficiancy devestates strugglers. And we all struggle.

Paul urged the Galatians to look beyond the legalistic, judgmental mindset into the strange and beautiful truth of God’s redeeming love. Paul’s passion for grace is astounding. And yet we still struggle with it.

No matter how hard I try, I just keep messing everything up! I thought it would be easier than this.

The revolutionary truth of Christianity is that we weren’t saved into a behavior modification program. We have not simply been improved. We have been adopted. Jesus didn’t come to see if you’re good enough, smart enough or together enough. He came to reserve a seat at the family table for you.

This truth changes everything. Once we find our identity in Christ, He begins to do what we couldn’t do for ourselves- He transforms us. It doesn’t happen overnight, but as we lean into Him, Christ begins the process. We grow, we stumble, we fail and succeed, but we are never, ever disowned. No matter the struggles or obstacles we face, we are family.

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