Far Beyond Imagination

He’s far beyond imagination

the heights and depths of all creation.

By His word the villains fall

He’s far above creation’s all

His reign is perfect

His words are true.

This Lord of all I’m going through

The Holy keeper of the key

the mystery grand: Great One in Three

The plans He made will never fail

In everything He will prevail

A warrior for the souls of men

Destroyer of the weight of sin

His blood is life unto my soul

Not in part, but in the whole

The skeptics doubt. The liars scheme.

Yet still his truth- a cleansing stream.

He speaks in every native tongue

The voice from which the stars were flung.

Why do I doubt His plan for me?

For He commands eternity.

Let truth be told. He is my King

The air I breathe. The song I sing

In His hands my fears are slain.


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