He Needs No One’s Permission

God’s standard of acceptance and love is not based on…

weight, gender, race, history, genealogy, past achievements, financial status, nationality, location, IQ, mental health, preexisting conditions, athleticism, success in parenting, career, how high you can jump, how far you can run, your speaking ability, your creativity, your mileage, your grace and charm, your ability to cope, experience, debate skills, mechanical understanding, your smell, the size of your nose, your moods, business savvy, negotiation skills, lingual dexterity, humor and quick wit, your voice, your hair, the success of your children, your accident record, life expectancy, the size of your boat, the shine on your floor, the size of your faith, the color of you teeth, the limp in your gait, how many times you failed, the addictions you overcame, your credit score, the college you did or did not attend, the past infidelity, the gravity of your greatest sin, who you know, where you’ve been, the age of your car, the square-footage of your house, the people you know, your tweets, the number of your Facebook friends, how smart your phone is, or anything standard we use to judge ourselves and others.

What gives us acceptance is the love of God that is never based on anything we will ever do, be, attain or conquer. Too good to be true? No. He is God. He can love whomever He wants to love and He needs no one’s permission.

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