He’s Going to Need You

He needs to eat, to be loved, and held closely.
He needs to be protected.
The little guy can really do nothing for himself.
He’s a high maintenance gift from God.
Such a miracle! Such an overwhelming revelation of God’s power and artistry!
But as you bathe him, provide for him, He’s going to need something from you.or advise on girls and cars.
This precious child needs something that will never fade.
It’s a gift that is found in the quiet times and lonely places of your life.
Eternity is in the balance. It is dependent upon this gift you’ll give him.
More than college funds, and clothes.
Even more than wise counsel, as important as that is.
He will need your consistent, passionate, powerful prayers.
That’s what he needs from you today, tomorrow and for every day you call him son.

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