I Am Clay

My life is on the wheel

Earthbound clay



Why are His hands changing me?

Poking, prodding, pounding (it feels like punishment sometimes)

Moisture pouring out of me.

His hands working,

With purpose

What is He creating in me?

What does He see?

Is there a purpose in the pain?

Stretching, sensing, swirling, struggling

I’m smaller than I used to be, it seems

Then taller beyond my clay of dreams

The wheel- still spinning

I’m dizzy with change

I feel like I’m going nowhere at light speed!

The wheel slows as his eyes scan my shell

And he sees it.

I was hoping that he’d over look it.

Halfway hoping he would cast me aside and move on to a more fitting lump of clay.

He pauses-

Divine rejection is what I feel. Rejection that He sees who I really am-

Broken, tainted, impure, unfinished

A catastrophic mess

Deeply wounded-

Punished by personal demons and false aspirations

He picks me up again and throws me back on the wheel.

This is not the way it’s supposed to be.

The Artist’s hands- rough and scarred

Still working- it hurts because I’m still me

Can I ever be what He wants me to be?

He’s smiling as He works through catastrophe.

I’m spinning again- Oh God what do you see?

The heat of the oven- birthplace of sanctity.

Above and beyond all treachery

That separated my soul from Thee

Burning, glazing, waiting straining

I stand before the Master of clay

I see Him in full not in part.

The Master artist king

Regaled in glory

I didn’t know it then but I know it now.

He saw me in that mound of clay

He recognizes me.

And- He SMILES. He smiles at me.

And now I see Him

My creator

Who walked me through the fire of earth

And now I see him

The redeemer of broken things

The shepherd of lost sheep

The all-things-new Messiah

Worthy is the lamb that was slain

Worthy  King of Castaways

The Potter

The masterpiece maker.

And we will see Him as He is.

And we will crown him.





In awestruck wonder we will stand

His masterpiece of grace.


Matt – Thank you for sharing your heart.
I needed this today


Thanks so much for reading and commenting! So glad it resonated with you!


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