What Could I Compare You to…


What could I compare you to my old friend?
What could I know better than the memory of you.
The one to see me through
To hide the thought of you
in a small brown paper bag
concealed in my head
the vision of the summer’s shine
the smile so kind
the hopes resigned

You were worth every tear you caused
all recordings of the past you paused
the moon in all it’s glory
knows little of our story and yet there you were
in all things new
survivors few
from the past of your delicate mind
The smile that slew the serpents of shame
and gave me breath again.
And so I remember because I am the only one
who saw certain things about you that no one could claim.
this is my undiscovered fame.

Darlene’s first interview went well.


She had a good interview at a place where Caleb might even get a job.  Things are looking really good for now.   Finished the audio editing for Friday Forum. I’m now about to dive into the David Uth talks.

Last night was really stormy and I woke up late.  A little fatigued from the past few days. Tomorrow I begin my trek to Bogalusa, probable staying at my Mark’s place with Caleb.  Praying for some good father/son time

4.3.14 Wrap


Darlene still on her way. Talked to her about an hour ago. She’s about halfway there. Caleb and I are watching Rocky.

Wrote the following promo treatment for disaster relief.

Disaster Relief Promo


Sketch Art Suggestions in BLUE

Let’s face it. Most of us live in an amazing community.  Houses

We have fresh running water.   Faucet


Transportation    Car

Food every single day   Grocery Bag

At least that’s my story

Even my dog doesn’t skip meals.  Dog

But for me, things haven’t always been that way.

It all started on a grey day in the month of May. I knew there was a storm coming to town back but I had never seen a storm like that one.   Storm Cloud

The wind was crazy

Wind Blowing

and I looked about 300 yards away and there was this twister.


It felt like a scene from the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy Looking Girl

Of course without the Wicked Witch or the Tin Man.  However I was someway a cowardly lion. I digress.


It sounded like a train and I ran to a storm shelter.

My house was OK. Just a few broken windows and a few shingles. But my neighbor’s house? Completely destroyed. I wanted to help but none of us had water for some reason and the electricity was off for 4 days.  Rubble

But something amazing happened. About 8 hours after the storm struck, this caravan of people from Lousiana Baptist Disaster Relief showed up with food, water, extra clothes.  They even started cooking.

Disaster Relief Trucks

And the meals went on and on! We were blown away, not just by a tornado- we were blown away that these people would give us so much!  They were there long before the insurance adjusters got there.

Hammer, chainsaw, food on plate

And I asked them why they were doing this. This lady said,  “We love Jesus and he called us to help people.  Jesus figure


She smiled and said again, “It’s because Jesus loves you. We are his gift to you.”


That’s how I became a Christ Follower.


God showed up in a big way in the middle of a storm, and in the middle of my messy life as a single dad.

Man with child

Just so you know, disaster relief makes a big difference. They had a message in the middle of the mess.

Words: LBC Disaster Relief

So as one guy who experienced the love of Christ through the work of Louisiana Baptists and Disaster Relief, I want to challenge you to pray for God to use our teams to share the love of Christ.

People Prayer

We also challenge you to give through the Cooperative Program as well as donating specifically to this amazing team that consists of people just like you!

Dollar Sign

And finally we need you.  Whether you can stir a pot of chili,

Soup Pot

Take a Chainsaw to cut down broken tree limbs, paint, or just lend a helping hand, you too can be a hero

Superhero in Cape with “DR” on his shirt or cape

like those who served me. We’ll even provide the yellow t-shirt that you’ve seen in the news during relief efforts.

And then you can say.  We’re doing this because Jesus loves you!

 For more information:



Jesus is the Author


…looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Hebrews 12:2 NKJV


Jesus writes a book. Though many debate the genre, it is a love story from cover to cover. Christ is at the center. No other personality shines brighter that the Hero of the Gospel. Often the bride is unfaithful, choosing other personalities and recreations but His voice has never been stronger as He calls out to anyone who is weary of all the noise and chaos.

Grace- the subtext.

Selfishness and fear- the crises

The Fall- the setting

The Spirit- our wise sage.

The Climax- He is coming soon.

Why this story?  Joy

What is the price of such a novel? The blood of the Son.

Darlene Leaves for Nashville Today


Praying for her to find the job that will best fit what needs to happen for Caleb. Once more thinking about selling the house here because of financial strain. God has been faithful to open up new opportunities for me. Next month I’ll be traveling to Odessa to help plan the Christmas Celebration.

Sunday, it’s off to Bogalusa. I have writing to do for disaster relief and a few other treatments.

Yesterday we went to Shelter for a review of the story of Ruth. Caleb got to play the drums and it sounded like things went well although I didn’t get to see him in action.

Lord, guide us today. I pray for safe travel for Darlene and a clear vision of what You are up to in our lives.

Some Say…


Some say God has a home
for the strong ones only
And yet he has a place
for the lost and lonely
Some say their popularity
will send them to his throne
And yet His heart’s pursuing
those who walk alone
Some say that God draws near
to those who win acclaim
But He’s drawn to every faiure
who feels the weight of shame
Some measure out thier lives
by all that they achieve
But his eye is on the hurting,
struggling to believe
Self-made men are many,
their trophies we behold
But He redeems the heartaches
of stories never told.

Caleb Plays drums tonight.


Lord, I pray that Caleb experiences success playing the drums tonight. I pray for clarity for him as he adapts to lots of new things in life. I pray He will sense your perfect presence in his life today.