Song Introduction to “Away in a Manger”

Here is an easy, informal reading to be performed before “Away in the Manger”

Reader 1:  away

Reader 2:  but so near to the outcast

Reader 1:  near to the blood of the innocents

Reader 2:  near to life, a dangerous mystery

Reader 1:  no crib for a bed

Reader 2:  1st century squalor of animals

Both:  away

Reader 1:  alone

Reader 2:  no turning back

Reader 1:  the little Lord Jesus

Reader 2:  God meshed in skin

Reader 1:  helpless Master Infant

Reader 2:  laid down His sweet head

Reader 1:  the brow of thorns

Reader 2:  smitten by bandits, spit upon, mocked

Reader 1:  yet eyes still fixed on His love

Reader 2:  the stars in the sky

Reader 1:  each fixed in place

Reader 2:  bold, mighty, universe

Reader 1:  the Author: this Infant

Reader 2:  full of wonder

Reader 1:  as angels, and Abba

Reader 2:  proudly, sadly

Reader 1:  looked down where He lay

Both:  away

Reader 2:  relentlessly committed

Both:  away

Reader 1:  vacating the thrones and crowns of glory

Both:  away

Reader 1:  the glory of His love

Both:  away

Reader 2:  humble

Reader 1:  Master

Reader 2:  Creator

Both:  away

Reader 1:  matchless mysterious Ruler

Both:  Away

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