The Advent of Amazing

He scattered stars to the outer regions of infinity. He separated the dry land from sea. This great God created each cell as intricate, alive and dynamic as a tiny city. The One that created Jupiter and the Milky Way would choose to create me.

Our skin and the inner workings of the human body… the blood and bones, the pelvis, the pinky, the cranium and the clavicle, the liver that filters our blood, the million miles of DNA, all of this…


God left his amazing mark on us.
And it astounds me.
It amazes me.


And more amazing still… His Son
I’m amazed that He would be born in a stable.
Not in a palace.
Not in the lap of luxury

I’m amazed that Ruth, Bathsheba, Tamar, David, and so many other misfits are a part of his chosen family tree.


I’m amazed that He would come to the little…

(I, too, am among His little ones… so fearful, often stumbling, often obsessed with the wrong things)

I’m amazed that it was Good News when we deserved punishment, He came with great joy to all people.

I’m amazed that He was scorned as an illegitimate son when He could have levitated above them all. I’m amazed that He remained silent.

I am amazed that Jesus would choose for friends and followers– Tax collectors, fishermen, zealots, and outcasts.

Even more, I’m amazed that he would stay to the very end pay the price for the messes we make- all the messes.

And everywhere he went people were amazed.

The amazing thing about grace, you see, is that when I was in the far country, He sought me!

When I lost hope in God, He never lost hope in me.

It’s His all-surpassing love that drives me…

Amazed that it is laughter and joy- not tears and defeat

5422046064_1a05aecd49_bAmazed that it is about bread and wine, forgiveness and belonging.

And how I need it!

Everybody needs it.

Amazing- that a God so great would love me this much.

I’m amazed that You would love me with relentless grace

Far beyond all time and space

Relentless stubborn mercy blind

To all that I have left behind.

You loved me in the blinding rain

Even when I’ve caused You pain.

Amazed by the chasm that separated me from You

All the pain that You went through.

And when you get a glimpse of this love, it will grab on to you. It will own you in its bliss.

And the amazing thing about this grace is that it is what it is.

It’s not earned.

It’s grace.

Amazing grace.

It’s grace that tore me away from the claws of Satan

It’s grace that will lead me home.

It’s grace that is greater than all my sin.

He is truth.

He’s as right as rain.

In fact he created rain.

And if you take it into your life.

celebrateIt will change your perspective

You’ll look at your children differently.

You’ll eat good food and love it even more.

You’ll lose the chip on your shoulder that’s been dogging you for years.

You’ll breath easier.

No more fear of death, hell and the grave- because life is an everlasting adventure more eternal that far-flung galaxies of deep space.

If you take it in, it will change everything.

It will scatter every self-saving instinct you’ve ever known.

And it will bring you once again to Bethlehem.


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