The Beatitudes Revisited

Blessed are those that admit the truth. They know that they live in abject spiritual poverty outside the grace of God.

Blessed are those who see God as Holy and mourn because they realize that they are never better than anyone because righteousness is found only through Christ. Abba Father will comfort them.

Blessed is the person that doesn’t need to promote their power to feel important. They let God do all the heavy lifting and the earth is theirs as an inheritance.

Blessed are the ones that crave to be like Jesus and are sickened by their rebellious nature. God will fill them up with righteousness.

Blessed are the ones that don’t understand the law of pay-back but revel in the practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. God will settle the score and forgive their debts.

Blessed are the ones that have trained themselves to think the best of people and look only to the good. They are focusing on God’s view and they will ultimately see God.

Blessed are those that do their best creative work in making peace. Those people are God’s and God’s alone. He’s the Father, Prince, and inventer of peace.

Blessed are the people who pay the ultimate price in this temporary life because God saves the best for all eternity.

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