The Belly of the Beast

Everybody ends up
in the belly of the beast.
There are few exceptions
from the greatest to the least.
You stumble into quicksand.
You’re weary of the world.
Lies wreck your reputation.
Insults, viciously, are hurled.
Addiction lies in dormancy
then rears it’s ugly head.
Depression sinks in slowly,
Like the whispers of the dead.
A chronic, stubborn stronghold
infiltrates your weakened mind
Confidants betray you.
Sometimes, friends are hard to find.
Childless in your 40’s.
“Will I ever be a mother?”
Inside an unfamiliar place
Near no sister or no brother.
You’re in the doctor’s office
And hear devastating news.
You lose your hair to chemo.
Indeed, no one gets to choose.
Your marriage ends abruptly.
He left you with no choice.
And for others, it’s the silence.
Separated from His Voice.
Adversity just happens
and no one gets a pass.
But this- your devastation,
is God’s Holy Master Class
Yes, this strong Professor
is bolder than the rest,
His challenges are brutal
and He’s silent in the test.
He’s far above all reason
––mysterious is He.
His text book is His Word.
His school–– adversity.
But in each fearful crisis,
we’re cradled by the light
There’s joy within the suffering,
There’s peace amidst the fight
Within our devastation
––the bleak, forbidding war
God shakes us in our deadness,
with His fearsome roar
What we assumed would end us,
And our melancholy tales
speaks only of His grandeur,
His timing never fails.
And in our silent terror,
He’s not worried in the least
Despite how darkness lingers
in the belly of the beast.


I love this! I hope it’s okay if I share it!


Thank you for sharing your poetry and writing’s!! I just discovered you in the “Mature Living” magazine!! I love your article titled…”The cat was worried”!! I am an animal lover, and it made my day!! I have 2 cat’s, 2 miniature dove’s and a finch. I would have more if I had my own home!! I learned something about cat’s, from a special on PBS. They said that cat’s don’t have eyebrow muscles like a dog! So they don’t seem very communicative! Since I have been home more lately, I have had a chance to study my cat’s behaviours!! They are interesting and sometimes mysterious creature’s!!! Thank you and God bless!!


Thank you, Julie! What a delightful comment. Keep those doves away from the cats😀


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