Your Concerned Friend…

Dear Joseph,

I’m worried about you. I wouldn’t be your friend if I didn’t try to speak some truth to you. Please don’t get me wrong–I was all for this marriage until the stories started. Reality is hard to swallow when you are in the early months of a relationship. You and I both know it takes two to conceive. It’s totally obvious that she is making up stories. She says she loves you. I have no doubt that she wants to be married to you but when someone makes a mistake, they have to face up to it instead of trying to spiritualize it. The theology of her entire story doesn’t make sense.

Plus, think of the narcissism! “God has made me pregnant.” Ugh…   That she would take that route…. To tell you the truth it angers me. We’ve been buddies since Sabbath School and I know what a stand-up guy you are. And you want to put her away quietly? I think that fornication and lying are doubly worthy of a little Levitical heat (if you know what I mean). But I’m not you. I just want you to be happy. Look at all the ramifications, Joseph and don’t get caught in the middle of this.

Anyway, we need to talk. Plus you haven’t even seen our baby boy: Judas! He’s already taken his first steps. So if you are ever in town, let me know!

Your concerned friend,


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