The Unseen Place

i long for the Unseen Place
not just Heaven​
a place on earth
as it is​
where You are King​
and love reigns​
in everything​
my source
my guide​
and friend​,
show me the secret
and glorious end


Prayer of a Messy Follower

Thank You Jesus… You’ve been so faithful to this messed-up follower. You restore my sanity on a weekly basis. You reach into the nothingness and give me everything I need. You’ve been far greater and more powerful than everything I’ve faced. If I did anything good, it was because of You. You have never given more »

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Declarations for Every Day

Today– I’ll live a life of celebration. The brooding life is not holy. To many, it might look holy but a grave-digger and skeptic do not a Kingdom make. Today– I’ll simplify to remove distractions. Our inability to hear God is directly linked to the static of modern life. It’s perhaps the greatest plague of the more »

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What Kind of Church is It?

We often categorize our churches with fancy titles: Relevant, emergent, classic, reformed, fundamentalist, traditional, contemporary, liturgical, purpose-driven etc…  The list is really endless and the subtleties of each model vary. But what kind of church are we? Really… Some churches are more like a country club, complete with secret handshakes, special membership privileges, and perks for more »

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