The 23rd:  Easy rendering of Psalm 23 with a worshipful twist.

Absalom: A solo-performance script

All Souls Come Clean: Blend of Monologues and Poetry

Amazing Grace:  A set of monologues around the cross and to be used with the hymn.

Containers, We Are: A reading based on 2 Corinthians 4:4-10

Day in the Life of a Friend A lighthearted sketch on prayer

Doctor Visit, The (A Reading with an Outline for Study)

Farewell, My Son:  A Comical look at parents of preschoolers.

The Final Hours  A Worship Service featuring music, readers theatre and visuals/

Gathering, The:  A Readers Theatre Piece for Worship which shares the inner-thoughts of people in the pews.

I am Constantly Amazed  A simple reading on the grace of God

Isaac and Jesus:  A Readers Theater script on the parallels between Jesus and the story of Abraham and Isaac

Just West of Bethlehem: What if the Bethlehem shepherds were from Amarillo or some other western locale!

 Karen’s Story:  A readers theatre script that is evangelistic and also speaks into the shame many students feel about their lives.

Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying Monologues blended with Congregational Singing

Paint on the Wall: A spoken word piece about petty church debates and Christ’s heart for the world.

Ragged Stranger: A spoken word reading about mercy and incarnation.

Romance of the Ages (Duet Sketch)  Based on the story of Hosea and Gomer

Shepherd’s Portrait (Duet Sketch) Based on the 23rd Psalm

Tell Me the Story: A 3 person worship reading, great for a hymn introduction.

The Net:  The Parable of the Net dramatized in a comical and telling voice.