It is Friday

Jesus remains on the cross, suffering unimaginable traumas. He is deserted by fearful disciples, surrounded by tormentors, thieves, murderers, and religious provocateurs. Soldiers gaming over the final scant possessions of the Master of creation, ignore the darkening sky. Jesus cries out: “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?” On this holy day, God’s more »

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Some Candidates Remind Me of Church Members

This has been a difficult political season for America to say the least. Campaign presentations are louder, angrier and crazier than this country has ever experienced. However, I hear a faint whisper in my head that says “I’ve seen these people before.” Most pastors have. Who would these candidates resemble if they joined the church? more »

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He Needs No One’s Permission

God’s standard of acceptance and love is not based on… weight, gender, race, history, genealogy, past achievements, financial status, nationality, location, IQ, mental health, preexisting conditions, athleticism, success in parenting, career, how high you can jump, how far you can run, your speaking ability, your creativity, your mileage, your grace and charm, your ability to more »

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