Choosing Wonder

Uncertainty is certain but one thing remains: our desire for wonder. Wonder is imbedded in the core of our soul. Very few seek a boring life, with so-so relationships, a mediocre romance and a take-it-or-leave-it career. We yearn for wonder. But how do we get wonder?  Is wonder something we can capture like a trout at the end of more »

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He is There

When the mighty winds of change shake the foundation of life, He is there. When the storms of life flood our souls, He is there. When the grey slush days seem to never end, He is there. When death steals a friend, loved one, or brother, He is there. When it’s so dark we can’t see any way out, He is there. When we are more »

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The Envelope Please

It was a moment of utter shock. It was unexpected The Oscar for Best Picture of 2017 envelope was opened. Millions of viewers experienced the shock, embarrassment and confusion of the presenter as the wrong winner was called out. The social media world exploded. It sent the accountants, actors, winners and losers scurrying. In short, it was a circus more »

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