Some Say…

Some say God has a home
for the strong ones only
And yet he has a place
for the lost and lonely
Some say their popularity
will send them to his throne
And yet His heart’s pursuing
those who walk alone
Some say that God draws near
to those who win acclaim
But He’s drawn to every faiure
who feels the weight of shame
Some measure out thier lives
by all that they achieve
But his eye is on the hurting,
struggling to believe
Self-made men are many,
their trophies we behold
But He redeems the heartaches
of stories never told.

Caleb Plays drums tonight.

Lord, I pray that Caleb experiences success playing the drums tonight. I pray for clarity for him as he adapts to lots of new things in life. I pray He will sense your perfect presence in his life today.

Show Me Truth

Lord, I pray that you will show me the truth of my life. I see Your hand and I am often fearful that I am trying to please my personal aspirations rather than You. Lord Jesus, let my joy come from the inside and not what people perceive from the outside.

Getting ready for Darlene’s Quest in Nashville

Darlene will head to Nashville tomorrow in order to find a job, visit friends and perhaps look for a place to stay. We’ve tried to make Louisiana School system work for Caleb but he has been unsuccessful here so we’ve made the decision to be apart for the year so that Caleb can graduate. Praying for God to really show us what to do and how to make things work

O Sun!

A Spoken Word Poem