Words from the Stable

DarknessConfusionRejectionUncertaintyImprovisationAccommodationDustStrawLaborDangerAdaptationPainGaspsBreathsSweatContractionsInterruptionAnimals FearWonderWhispersConsolingMotivationSoonWeepingHelplessness PushingGraspingEncouragingTearsStrainingFluidBloodTiny headChestReliefJoy InfantCryingFatherRejoicingMotherSmilingCHILDRagsNurtureConnection KingAnswerPeaceLambSaviorHope JoyExchangeLoveSacrificeGraceYesJesusBeginning ___________________________

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He Came for the Rest of Us

Jesus came for the wise and the strong. And He came, just as well, for the rest of us. Jesus came for the days that life seemed ordered and filled with meaning. But we rejoice because He came for the other days, too. Blessed by old men and shepherds Worshiped by kings and beggars And more »

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Christmas Prayer

Lord, may we not be like the Bethlehem visitors, so busy with the day-to-day tasks that we fail to notice the presence of God. Lord, may we not be like the inn keeper, giving the best rooms to mortals and giving God our stable. Lord, may we not be like Herod, shedding the blood of the innocence more »

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