The Unseen Place

i long for the Unseen Place
not just Heaven​
a place on earth
as it is​
where You are King​
and love reigns​
in everything​
my source
my guide​
and friend​,
show me the secret
and glorious end


He Came for the Rest of Us

Jesus came for the wise and the strong. And He came, just as well, for the rest of us. Jesus came for the days that life seemed ordered and filled with meaning. But we rejoice because He came for the other days, too. Blessed by old men and shepherds Worshiped by kings and beggars And more »

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My grandfather lived in a rustic house near a sloping cool branch with slipery stones and verdant woods I walked slowly toward the treeline where mystery lay and there in the shade of autumn’s bough i see darkness rising close of day. but death, a far closer angel visited then and will and again because more »

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