I Never Wanted That

I came to God with fashion sense

And clothes I bought at great expense

I knew the drill

All things down pat.

God said, I never wanted that.

I huddled with my life long friends.

Talk to strangers? That depends.

I loved the show from where I sat.

God said, I never wanted that.

I knew each song

I’ve heard them all

Each choral piece and worship call

I cringed when someone’s song fell flat

God said, I never wanted that.

My i-pod has a thousand songs

Of worship stars before the throngs.

On Sundays I step up to bat.

God says I never wanted that.

He says, I want your heart to sing

and worship as me as rightful king

To come with sacrificial praise

To honor me in all your days

To drop your mask and foolish pride

for they’re not the reasons that I died

I conquered death to make you whole

Your LOVE has been my greatest goal

To vow your love and make it true.

Your love is what I want from you.


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