Hurricane People and Storm Shelters

While churning away on the eliptical Saturday at Planet Fitness, I saw the very beginning of Sandra Bullock movie called “The Proposal.”  As the movie opens, a busy office is on high alert because their  oppressive, driven boss is walking through the door. “It’s Here!” they message each other in the on their bulky 2008 computers.  (See clip below) more »

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Ask, Seek and Knock: The Jesus Approach to Prayer

Jesus invites us to ask (and keep on asking), to seek (and keep on seeking) to knock (and keep on knocking).  See Matthew 7:7 In this passage, I sense that Jesus is challenging us to pray continually in three different paradigms. 1:  To Ask–  This is the practice of vocalization. So often my prayers are scattered more »

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This book contains Lion hunts Giant death matches Angel wrestling Honeymoon Bride Mix-ups Blazing Chariots Talking Mules Sorcerers Sword fights Fire-walking Streakers Supernatural apparitions Shipwrecks Exorcisms Romance Nights afloat Blues songs Bear attacks Ambushes Snake pits Man-eating fish This book cannot be tamed. It’s not a comedy of manners complete with tea and crumpets. It’s more »